Casino’s second birthday and IZABEL single launch

Second Birthday Celebration at Casino Kajot Intacto Diamond Zlatníky: an Unforgettable Evening of Fun and Surprises

30.5. In 2024, we celebrated the second birthday of our casino at Casino Kajot Intacto Diamond Zlatníky, and it was an event that no one present will forget for a long time. The casino was transformed into a centre of celebration, where many surprises and great entertainment awaited the visitors.

Launch of Album PROTHEUS and IZABEL

One of the highlights of the evening was the launch of the new album by PROTHEUS and IZABEL. This musical experience attracted a lot of fans and visitors who had the unique opportunity to be there when the new album was presented to the world for the first time. Both artists gave an amazing performance and their music created the perfect atmosphere for the whole evening.

Rich Attendance and Great Atmosphere

The celebration was well attended and enjoyed an evening of games, fun and great company. At every turn, the excitement and joy of being present at this special event was palpable. Our casino was full of laughter, music and merriment, which created an unforgettable atmosphere.

Delicious Food and Surprises

We prepared a rich refreshment for all guests, which included a wide range of tasty dishes and drinks. Everyone found something they liked and enjoyed a delicious meal. In addition, we prepared several surprises for the visitors, which made the evening even more enjoyable.

Fireworks at the Conclusion

The evening ended with a spectacular fireworks display that lit up the sky above Zlatníky. This visual spectacle was a wonderful end to the celebration and the guests went home with smiles on their faces and fond memories of an unforgettable evening.

The second birthday at Casino Kajot Intacto Diamond Goldsmiths was truly special. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and we look forward to more events full of fun, music and surprises!

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