Second summer barbecue

Second Summer BBQ at Kajot Casino Intacto Diamond Zlatníky

Last night, an unusual event took place at the Kajot Intacto Diamond Zlatníky Casino that brought guests to the grill, literally. The barbecue under the stars was an exceptional experience for all who attended and brought a casual and relaxing atmosphere to the casino.

The casino’s culinary team has prepared a wide selection of grilled delicacies, including juicy steaks, grilled chicken breasts, and delicious vegetarian dishes. Guests could choose their favourite delicacies and watch the chefs prepare the meat on the grill. The aroma wafted through the air and made us want to feast together.

The barbecue at the Kajot Intacto Diamond Zlatníky Casino was the perfect combination of taste, fun and pleasant atmosphere. Guests took away not only full stomachs, but also an unforgettable experience that combined barbecue with the luxury and fun of the casino.

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