Third summer barbecue

Summer BBQ at Kajot Casino Intacto Diamond Zlatníky: Celebrating Summer, Roasted Pig and Mountains of Fun

The Kajot Intacto Diamond Goldsmiths Casino closed out the summer season in style with an unforgettable event that celebrated summer, good food and lots of fun. The summer barbecue was the highlight of the season and left guests with smiles on their faces and stomachs full of roasted pig.

The atmosphere was full of joy as guests entered the beautifully decorated casino.

The main star of the evening was undoubtedly the roast pig, which was prepared in the traditional way and warmed the taste buds of the guests. Although the grilled specialty was the absolute highlight, there was also a rich refreshment with summer salads, fresh fruits and grilled vegetable dishes.

In addition to the delicious food, guests could also enjoy a wheel of fortune in which every participant wins!

The fun didn’t stop even after the last pieces of roast pig were eaten.

The Summer BBQ at Kajot Intacto Diamond Zlatníky Casino was a celebration of summer, good food and endless fun. It was an event that combined tradition with luxury and reminded guests that even in a casino you can have unforgettable moments.

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